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TMS, an FDA-approved therapy for depression and anxiety, employs mild magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain.

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FDA Approved

Treatment For Depression

Covered My Most Insurance

Mental Health

Covered By Most Major Insurances

TMS has received FDA clearance for addressing depression, anxiety, OCD, and nicotine addication. TMS therapy is currently included in the coverage of most major insurers, including Medicare. Please contact your insurance company or a TMS provider to see to check your coverage.

Who would benefit from TMS therapy?

Tried Medication?

Most insurance providers seek evidence of trying one or more antidepressants that proved ineffective due to side effects or a lack of impact.

Tried Therapy?

Insurance companies also authorize patients who have undergone a minimum of 6-8 weeks of therapy yet continue to endure depression.

No Results?

If you've attempted medication and therapy without relief from depression, which doctors term "treatment-resistan," TMS stands as the most optimal choice.